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Raoul Bukor

* 1980, Vienna
2004 graduation in International Business Administration, Vienna University of Economics and Business
2007  graduation with excellence in Landscape Design, University of applied Arts Vienna (Prof. Mario Terzic)
2004 – 2007 Various internships in landscape practices in Austria, UK and USA
2007 – 2010 Designer and consultant for Martha Schwartz Partners, London
since 2008 Studio Lindle+Bukor
2009-2015 Assistant Professor for Landscape Art at University of Applied Arts Vienna

Christian Lindle

* 1974, Vienna
1995 – 2002 Biology / Zoology, University of Vienna
2002 – 2008 Landscape Design, University of Applied Arts Vienna (Prof. Mario Terzic)
since 2003 several exhibitions in Eu- rope, Asia and Australia
2004 Design of the MAKArt Edition “Butterfly Cases – Greg Lynn”
2006 – 2010 Designer in practices in Melbourne, Australia (Taylor Cullity Lethlean) and others
since 2008 Studio Lindle+Bukor
2011-2015 Assistant Professor for Landscape Art at University of Applied Arts Vienna

studio for landscape

Lindle+Bukor was founded 2008 by Raoul Bukor and Christian Lindle subsequent to several years of working experience in some of the most renowned international landscape architecture offices in London, Melbourne and Vienna. Both studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the department of Landscape Design (Prof. Mario Terzic) which still acts a strong conceptual foundation to their work. Their professional work approach is complimented with university degrees in Biology and Economy.

Due to our combined backgrounds in Art, Design, Biology and Economy Lindle+Bukor couple competences which are relevant for successfully implementing landscape projects as a cross section of culture, nature, space, design and time. Our ability to take different angles of view allows us to successfully act as project leader/manager, as mediator or project partner. As a result of our trans-disciplinary network of experts, partners and professionals in natural sciences, cultural production and planning we are able to compile project teams according to the specific requirements of each project.

Place. Use. Emotion.

Lindle+Bukor are art-based landscape architects who successfully develop projects of all scales and typologies under the common notion of artistic conceptualism, exigent design and professional realization an implementation. Continuous exchange and dialogue with the client and future occupants, with society and science, with art and cultural production as well as our commitment to quality and sustainability act as a base to our broad and diverse scope of work.

The complexity and diversity of landscapes continuously enthuses and inspires Lindle+Bukor and consistently catalyzes new design approaches. A landscape incorporates the physical, live and vital environment, which is prone to constant alteration through changes in land use and urbanization. It is a poetic space, susceptible to imagination and interpretation, desire and emotion. The landscape is perceived as the sum of countless elements, yet simultaneously it is apprehended in detail. It acts slow and motionless and yet it is constantly changing through light, weather conditions, seasons and general development.

Culture. Landscape. Vision.

In a garden the individual attitude is apparent while in a landscape the societal attitude towards the environment, towards natural resources and towards the social biotope is distinguishable. Landscapes therefore offer to be a cultural medium, a form of speech to be read, understood and utilized. Lindle+Bukor react to this complexity with multilayered designs, which incorporate physical-functional, aesthetical, but also strong conceptual aspects.

Our vision is the realization of state-of-the-art landscape architecture in a contemporary and socially relevant context. We are experts in the functional and emotional aspects of landscapes. We offer innovative spatial solutions based on a high level of expertise, artistic sensibility and many years of experience.